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Universal Nutrition Carb Rite Bar 12 Pack Box

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CarbRite Diet was created as a healthy snack alternative that actually tastes good. Just because youre on a low carbohydrate diet doesnt mean you have to lower your standards. Since 2000, CarbRite Diet has been a carb conscious, sugar-free option for individuals who are resisting sweets or €œcarb cravings.� You shouldnt feel guilty when you reach for your favorite snack.

Whether you have received doctors orders, are striving for a healthier way of life, or just want an indulgent snack, CarbRite Diet is for you. You can enjoy the delicious richness of our brownie and blondie mixes, as well as a variety of incredible bar flavors, without guilt. CarbRite Diet offers unbeatable benefits:

  • Between 0-1g sugar per serving
  • Between 1-2.5g of net carbs per serving
  • Gluten-free bars
  • Free of fillers
  • Satisfies cravings and tastes great