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Hi Tech Caffeine Power 200mg

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• World’s Longest Available Energy Ingredient Everâ€
• Fast and Convenient Energyâ€
• No Sugary Drink, Just Powerful Energyâ€

Caffeine is a Central Nervous System stimulant and is the
world's most widely consumed drug. Unlike many other
psychoactive chemicals, it is legal and unregulated in most
parts of the word. The mechanisms of caffeine are well
known and easily observed. The most noticeable is that it
temporarily blocks the action of certain brain chemistries,
allowing the effects of it to give tremendous feelings of
being awake and alert, combined with boundless energy.
Here in a convenient tablet, there is no need to consume
huge sugary energy drinks or bitter coffee to get your
energy needs met.â€


Caffeine Power


Adults & Children 12 years or older:Â take 1 tablet not more often than every 3-4 hours.